The following is a brief summary of the very full and busy life of our friend, John Boyd. Just three years after John was born on November 11, 1925 in Lexington, Texas, John's family moved to Caldwell. After graduating from Caldwell High School in 1943, John spent a goodly portion of the next two decades seeing the world from the unique perspective of the U.S. Navy. He served aboard destroyers in the Pacific Theater and took part in "Operation Crossroads" off Bikini Atoll during America's historic series of atomic bomb tests in 1946. Prior to separation from naval service as a Lieutenant in 1947, he married his high school sweetheart, LaNette Wuenscher in San Diego, California. Then he took the time, and had the discipline to get his degree as a geologist from Texas Western College (now UTEP). While doing graduate work at the University of Texas, he was recalled into the Navy in 1951, after which he found himself serving aboard destroyers off the coast of Korea. After separation from service, John was finally able to put his educational skills to work as a geologist for Chevron, from the mid '50s until his retirement in 1985, John spent years practicing his trade in many of the places you would expect to find a competent geologist: Salt Lake City, Utah; Casper, Wyoming; Denver, Colorado; Midland and Houston, Texas and Saudi Arabia. After his well-deserved retirement, John finally came home to Burleson County. Oh yes, did I mention that during this eventful life there were also three daughters to raise...? (Resulting in five grandchildren to enjoy now)! Since he and his wife, LaNette 'settled in' on their ranch in the Chriesman area, his pace of life has slowed hardly at all...as he is an active member of the V.F.W. (is a past Post Commander and is currently serving as the Post Chaplain); a Trustee for the American Legion Post; served on the Administrative Committee for the First United Methodist Church of Caldwell; a member of the Burleson County Forage Committee; a member of the Burleson County Czech Heritage Museum, and is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Burleson County Appraisal District. In addition to raising registered Black Angus cattle for many years, he also is an active member of the American Angus Association, and served as a recent delegate to their National Convention. But most importantly to all of us in Chriesman, is that our friend and mentor, John Boyd is a source of constant support to all of us at the Chriesman Community Center. In spite of all of the demands on John's time, he has been steadfast in his willingness to participate at whatever level needed and donate his strengths, talents and time to the efforts of this grass roots community organization. He has served five years on the Board of Directors and is currently the organizations' Treasurer. John is willing to do what is needed, whether it is to sit in the hot July sun and collect raffle money or to handle the administration of the organization's utility bills and insurance policies. He has provided valuable stability to the group, and his advice and guidance are always sought and appreciated. He is always pleasant to be around, and his even temperament can be a great asset when dealing with controversial issues, as we manage a growing organization and an active community center for the benefit of the entire Chriesman area. John is someone who makes all of us richer for having known him, as a friend, neighbor and for his invaluable service to our community! April 17, 2002


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