Rob Deshayes (pronounced: "Day-hay) is a multi-talented individual:
a decorated WWII Veteran (Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal), Rob served in the Pacific theater, flying as Radio Operator and Radarman with the famous 'Black Cat Squadron' on numerous night missions from Borneo to the China Sea. Since that time, his formal training as an architect (Bachelors and Masters Degrees), is best exemplified by several of his major projects, including the Chemistry Building, 2nd Annex, at Texas A&M University; the Headquarters and Interpretive Center at the Armand Bayou Nature Center at Friendswood, Tx; and the Biology Lab Auditorium and Lecture Hall at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas. Also an accomplished artist, he has produced several wonderful pieces over the years, including a series of pen and ink bird prints produced for (and on display at)the Houston Audubon Society. Rob even qualifies as Burleson County's premier home/hobbyist wine maker, with his 'Wild Plum' vintage extremely popular with those lucky enough to receive a gift bottle!

Most important of all to his Chriesman neighbors, is that Rob has brought all these talents, and more, into use in the support of our local effort to revitalize our somewhat dormant community association. While giving generously of his time by serving as the League's Recording Secretary, and member of the Board of Directors, Rob also produced and donated for fund-raising activities many examples of his talents, including some beautiful artwork, and even some of his sought after home-made wine. He has provided valuable insight and guidance to our on-going project of converting our existing facility from an old Volunteer Fire Department garage into a viable and useful community center for the benefit of the entire area.

But perhaps his most important contribution to our community is his unselfish involvement in all our activities and plans, sharing with us his wisdom, based on experience, and his pleasant, even tempered guidance and assistance in all matters, from planning music festivals, to helping smooth the inevitable 'rough spots' one encounters in any volunteer group. There is no question that the stability and support that Rob Deshayes has brought to our organization has greatly enriched all of us, and helped immeasurably in all our successes.

Rob was born October 14, 1924, and he and his lovely (and very supportive) wife, Mabel, have had their 'place' on County Road 310 for over 20 years!

We are very lucky to have Rob as our friend and neighbor in old Yellow Prairie (Chriesman)!


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