PERK WILLIAMS' FRIENDS and admirers gather on Saturday in Chriesman at the 2ND ANNUAL TRIBUTE to the famed fiddle player and singer. Pictured above from left are DON COOK of the Chriesman Citizens Center; musicians, Bill DOWDY, PAUL SCHLESINGER, BILL DESSENS; and PAUL HEMPFLING of the Citizens Center. Tribune photo by Roy Sanders.

CURTIS AND BILLIE KORNEGAY present this record plaque and inscription honoring PERK WILLIAMS to DON COOK and PAUL HEMPFLING of the Chriesman Citizens Center. CURTIS KORNEGAY was the brother to JANE KORNEGAY WILLIAMS, PERK'S first wife.--Tribune photo by Roy Sanders

Paul Schlesinger and Gene Gimble (Johnny's brother)
Johnny played with the Bob Wills band.

PAUL SCHLESINGER sings the opening song at the Perk Williams Festival. He also played the fiddle, emulating WILLIAMS-his longtime idol.
Tribune photo by Roy Sanders

From right: Bill Dessens, Bill Dowdy, Sonny Olney, Kevin Smith
Tribune photo by Roy Sanders

Kevin Smith

Bill Dessens and Dave Bedrich

seated clockwise from left: Paul Hempfling, Dave Bedrich, Paul Schlesinger, Bill Dessens, Bill Dowdy, Roy Sanders with The Burleson County Citizen Tribune
standing: Gene Gimble

"The Greer Family"
from left: Jordan, age 12; Adam, age 9; Mandy, age 6; Lawrence & Lisa Greer

"Special Country"
from left: Quincy Berka, Arvell Poehl, Curtis Urban, Elton Voight

Mrytle Calvin & Quincy Berka

from left: Roy Pilgrim, Jerry Williams and Mike Holt

Mrs. Bill Dessens

Mr.& Mrs. Sonny Olney

Curtis and Billie Kornegay

Lloyd Gee with sister, Vesta

Jean Franks and Grandson

Elton Voight
(Elton's sister, Gladys, was married to Perk's brother, Louie.)

Clarence & Ann Chernosky
Ann is Gladys & Elton Voight's sister

from left: Cindy Palomares, Mary & Bud Mills.

Faye & Don Cook

Clarence & Bobbie Pertl

Ben & Mary Lagrone

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