(3rd Annual)
Saturday, August 30, 2003

LtoR: Perk Williams, Oliver Williams ( Perk's brother) Arabell Morris
Bronson (Perk's 1st cousin)

Perk and Arabell played on the streets of Caldwell and Milano during their childhood days. Arabell was 14 years of age and Perk was 10. Arabell played rhythm guitar backup for Perk. He won several fiddle contest; one in Milano, which got them their invitation to play on their first radio show at KTBC in Austin, Texas. The winning song they played was "Rubber Dolly."

While playing on the streets of Caldwell, Mr. C.C. Nelms, the bank president, bought Perk a new pair of boots for his bare feet and Arabell also received a new fur coat. Many people commented that this was something unusual for Mr. Nelms as he was a very conservative person; he undoubtedly enjoyed their music.

Texas A&M Program (1939)

Mr. M. G. Perkins, County Extension Agent in Caldwell was instrumental
in getting Perk's career off to a good start. He was always scheduling them to play in different activities; one being at Texas A&M.
Perk got his nickname of "Perk" from Mr. Perkins.

Edwin Gaas and "Pure Country"
from left: J. C. Hruska, Donald "Duck" Shuffield, Jo Anne Pantalion,
Edwin Gaas & Ruth Johnson

"The Texas Pioneers"
from left: Ray Tesmer, Bill Dessens (The River Road Boys) Paul Schlesinger, Bill Dowdy & Thomas Durnin

from left:Matt Elsik (Gabe's nephew) Gabe Matcek, Thane Matcek (Gabe's son) and Don Ling

from left: Robert Ondrasek, Patsy Boedeker, Betty Jones & Mattie

Jean Davis, Dimebox, Tx

from left: Dorothy Rockett, Carol Bedrich & Patsy Boedeker

from left: Buck Giesenschalag & Ray Hutchinson

Barbara Shenkir, Rusty Williams & I.J. Shenkir

Ruth Johnson & brother, Rusty Williams

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