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facebook screenshotIf you are a recent visitor to the Chriesman Community Center, then you know about the new website, a website which is designed to help our visitors to interact online, and grow the community. What exactly does that mean? Today, with facebook, twitter and others, there are many options, “Socially” on the Internet and this “Social” phenomenon is not going anywhere, so, to keep from disappearing into the cracks of history, the Chriesman Community Center has implemented a website which “Interacts Socially”  with these networks. Why? You may ask?

Simply put, we no longer live in a “Big World”, in fact, it gets smaller every day through technology. As our families grow, the kids move further and further away, and as bad as this may seem, through technology, we are able to stay in touch and communicate even better than living next door. As the apple moves further away from the tree, our local communities are suffering a decline, and the way we have always done things, just does not work as in the past, so, what to do? We must decide, either fight a losing battle to technology, or, put it to work for us!

As complicated as it may seem, in order to keep things the same, we must change! By utilizing the Internet, the way of life that we all love, can be shared with others, and not just those near us, but also very far away. Think about it, I will use the local folk hero, Perk Williams as an example. Perk Williams, who was born, raised, lived and died in Chriesman, Texas. Perk performed the music he loved and that his local community loved, from the way I understand it, his fiddle playing abilities were very well-known all over. The annual Perk Williams Music Festival is a tribute not only to him, but his music, and to the way of life of his community. Perk Williams had a big hit song, “Release Me” (Click HERE to listen). and I am sure his style influenced others of the time, but, is that all over? I pray to God it is not!

By sharing the local music performed at the Chriesman Community Center with the world, surely, someone else out there will like it, and maybe even emulate it? Yes, this new technology is a bit tough to understand sometimes, but I am sure that generations of the past felt the same about the innovations of their day. I can imagine that whole fire thing was a bit hard to take at that time. Just as fire made cooking possible, the Internet has made sharing our way of life with the world possible, don’t fight it, put it to work for you!

Now that you are all “fired” up, if you have a computer, and the Internet, you are almost there. If you have a facebook or twitter account and use either one or both, you already know what I am about to explain, but for those that may need some help, here it is. I will start with facebook first.

You will notice in the image below that there are 2 red circles, one around the actual “Like” button, and one with the count of how many people have already clicked it. If you have a facebook account, go here, the click the “Like” button, if you do not have a facebook account, go here, and get one. There is a reason for this, it helps make the page more popular, thus, helps the community to grow,

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The next one is twitter, if you have a twitter account and use it, you already know the difference. Facebook is more information, twitter is brief, 140 character, or less, messages, very brief and quick, if that is for you, then get an account here, if you have one, be sure to hit the follow button as shown below, by clicking here to visit the page.

visit twitter and follow the Chriesman Community Center

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Now that you have done all of that, be sure to spread the word and get your friends and family to do the same, let’s make Chriesman Community Center the place to go for local music.

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