From the show: The Milam Texas Moonlighters With Special Guest, Gavin Bartnesky 01-21-2012

Milano Texas MoonlightersThe Moonlighters took the stage, and George Jr. and senior sang about 20 minutes of our favorites, then Rhonda joined in with a set or two. Thomas Polansky came next to close out the first half of the Moonlighters show.

Gavin Bartnesky , the featured singer, delivered an energetic performance of a more contemporary brand of country music. Apparently, Gavin has quite a group of fans, and many were here, his girlfriend even sang a duet with him, I hope he comes back again soon.

The Moonlighters returned to close out the evening, with part two of a great show George also cleared up an issue, the name of his band is The Milam Texas Moonlighters, so if you see them listed on the website listed as the Moonlighters, or Texas Moonlighters, you know who is being referred to. It is always a pleasure to hear these guys, George Sr is 81 years young, and can still give us our country music.

If you missed this show you missed a good one. The crowd was huge, and from what I could see had a great time, be sure to join us next week, get some barbecue brisket, sausage, music, friends, and a fun evening. Look to see who was here, CLICK HERE.

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