From the Opry: Roy Pilgrim and The Baldwin Brothers 06-23-2012

Roy Pilgrim from RIMSHOT, threw in a twist tonight and showed up with a different bunch of guys, aka “The Baldwin Brothers”, with real drums and everything! These guys are really good together, I guess Mike and Jerry had something come up? I don’t know, but if you missed this show, you missed a good one!

When a couple of the guys in the band took a break, Gable Matcek took the stage and did a great show as well. Gable has a CD out, look him up, it is really good music!

Tonight was really a great night and one thing I do wish to add, drummers never get enough credit, they sit in the back, all hidden by their equipment, music stands, and the other performers, but the drummer is what makes the music come to life and let you know you are hearing live music! Go to the end of the last video and listen to the drum solo if you don’t believe me, this guy is good!

We’re you here? CLICK HERE and see who was.


Watch video from the Opry, CLICK HERE.

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