From the Opry: RIMSHOT with Gable Matcek 07-28-2012

Rimshot, Roy Pilgrim,Jerry Williams, and normally Mike Holt, but tonight Mike had to play at a birthday party, so Gable Matcek filled in, adding his lineup to the show, they sound great together.

The new stage and sound setup is coming together, it is still lacking carpet, but that will be done soon as well as lights that show make the pictures and video come out better, Jimmy Maze, Thomas Polansky, and everyone working on it are doing a great job.

As the show got started, after Thomas got the sound all set up and then left, the feedback started squealing, guess who is filling in for Thomas? Roy and Jerry Evelyn told the crowd to come after me with barbed wire! I thank you all for being patient and not beating me up too bad, as I feverishly twisted knobs until it went away! Be sure to watch the video on YouTube!

We’re you here? CLICK HERE to see who was.

Watch the video CLICK HERE.

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