From the Opry: Jimmy Maze and the Milano Playboys 08-04-2012

Tonight is the first night Jimmy Maze and the Milano Playboys have played on the newly built stage, which is all wired up but still waiting on carpet, which should be coming soon, and of course a few of the Milano Playboys weren’t here to fill it up, but they did a great job as usual. Jimmy Boedecker sang a few, and Thomas Polansky joined in with his signature “Does my ring hurt your finger?”, Jimmy Maze even sang a few Yes, tonight was a great show, as usual.

The new stage even has better lighting, which should result in better pictures and video, I hope, but the stage does give them plenty of room and makes it easier for them to do the show, and for us to watch it, so if you haven’t been here in a while, come take a look and enjoy the show.

We’re you here? Take a look, CLICK HERE and see who was, and come on out, there is live music every Saturday night.

Watch video from the show, CLICK HERE.



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