From the Opry: Jimmy Maze and the Milano Playboys 07-07-2012

Tonight, anyone here saw the changes, the band set up to the right side for more space, unfortunately, when one thing changes, it causes a ripple effect of other things that must be changed, so the Opry got started a little bit late.

The old stage will be removed and a new one will be built in this new location, this will offer more space for the musicians, as well as putting the show more directly in front of the crowd. The speakers have already been moved, the sound is a bit better now and can be heard better from the whole center Just please be patient, there are a few kinks to be worked out, Some of the pictures are a bit dark, lighting is one of those issues to get ironed out.

The show tonight may have started a bit slow, but once they got going, Jimmy Maze and the Milano Playboys delivered their special brand of sound, with several guitars, piano, a dobro, a banjo, and everything else they have from the 8 members in the group, by taking turns singing their favorites, there is something for everyone. Gene Barber, Burleson County’s own “Singing Sheriff” as well as Jimmy Boedecker also took turns singing, always a pleasure to hear.

We’re you here? CLICK HERE to see who was. If you didn’t make it out this week, you missed out on a good show, some great food, and an opportunity to just hang out with a bunch of great folks, so come on out next week, bring a friend and have a great time.

Watch Video from the show CLICK HERE.

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