From the Opry: Jimmy Maze and the Milano Playboys 04-21-2012

jimmy mazeTonight, The Burleson County Opry, featuring Jimmy Maze and the Milano Playboys, filled the stage with seven people to deliver their show, consisting of all of your favorite old-time country music, a few gospel songs, and of course Perk Williams, “Release Me” for good measure.

Jimmy Boedecker joined in for a few songs, and the band took turns singing, this brings out a mixture that everyone really enjoyed. If you like old country music, you really need to come see these folks play!

We’re you here? CLICK HERE and see the pictures. If you missed them tonight, Jimmy and the Milano Playboys are here the first and third Saturday of the month, so grab a friend, come have some smoked brisket, Texas Chaw sausage, a cold soda, and a great time!



Watch Video CLICK HERE


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