5th Saturday Pot-Luck Get Together at the Chriesman Community Center

If a month has a 5th Saturday, except October which is the Perk Williams Music Festival, there will be a Pot-Luck Dinner get together! Everyone is invited, come get to know us, you can bring a covered dish if you wish, but is not required, there is always a lot of food, if you have a favorite that you wish to share, bring it.

The last Pot-Luck get together was New Years Eve, December 31, 2011, and it was a lot of fun, some even got up on the stage and sang, but everybody ate their fill, come on out and meet your neighbors and make some new friends. Feel like doing some karaoke, come on and sing!

Are you into arts and crafts? I am sure at least a few of the arts & crafts ladies will be here, they meet every second and fourth Tuesday here at the Chriesman Community Center, and many are here every Saturday Night having a “mini” meeting, so why not at the pot-luck get together?

Oh, if you were the one that brought the deer sausage and beans, please bring it again, that was my favorite! Oh, and the cookies, and the other stuff too, everything was good, even my baked potato style mashed potatoes were ok, don’t miss this and try out some good ole home cooking!

If you are looking for an idea or recipe for a new pot-luck goody, here are two links I found that may help, tasteofhome.com, and Food.com, I can’t say these are any good, they are just for ideas, so, be sure it is good.

I’m pretty sure you can even get your Rifle Raffle tickets, if there are any left, they go quick!

Below are pictures from the last Pot-Luck get together here in Chriesman, were you here?




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