5th Saturday Pot-Luck Dinner 06-30-2012

Here we are, another 5th Saturday “Pot Luck” Dinner, and the mountain of food was enormous as usual, and that’s a good thing, if you saw how the plates were being loaded up!

From the cream cheese stuffed jalapeƱos to the black-eyed peas, the fried chicken to the brisket, and pretty much everything in between, it was terrific! There was so much food that a spoonful of each would be more than a single plate could handle!

Then, after all of that, trying to squeeze in desert, quite a pleasurable task Choosing from another huge variety was no easy job, so, just one slice of this, one little piece of that, and before you know it, the plate is piled up again!

Let me put it this way, imagine your favorite foods, and deserts, all in one place, like a giant buffet of home cooked pleasure, followed up with games, like Bingo and Dominoes! If you missed this one, you really missed out! We’re you here? Take a look at the pictures below and see who was. Don’t miss the next one 09-29-2012, bring your favorite game, and a pot of something!



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